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We are real professionals

Dear Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce ourselves to you. Our company has been engaged in the sale and installation of high-quality cork, wood and floating floors in Pilsen for several years. We are real professionals and use only the highest quality proven materials resistant to long lasting damage. Just make sure of our qualities and come to us and check out our offer.
Outdoor use
Our company offers you high quality wooden, cork and floating floors. Wooden can be used outdoors and we have for you a choice of domestic, European and exotic woods. You can make a mosaic of small pieces or put a wide plank over the entire length of the room. We also have floating for you in several different designs and over two hundred decors. We are simply sure to choose a more self-fulfilling customer.

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Put an end to the pain!

Whether you are suffering from back pain, caused by inappropriate habits and repeating of adverse movement patterns, or after medical intervention in the area of reproductive organs, in the area of the anus, pelvis or coctail, we would like to offer you help and relief from unpleasant sensations . The unique pillow Dynasit is very versatile and can not only improve the overall condition and strengthen the back, abdominal and gluteal muscles, but also, for example, accelerate the rehabilitation of postoperative conditions, or accelerate the healing process.
Is Dynasit Life or Dynasit Comfort?
The choice depends only on the individual needs of each. Therefore, visit our website and compare the different variants. We will be pleased to provide you with more information to assist you in choosing the right model for you!

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Business quickly and easily

Business quickly and easily
The phenomenon called Ready made s.r.o. will make it easier for you to enter the business sphere of any field in many ways. Without unnecessary time delays, you can start fulfilling your business plan. The offer of ready made s.r.o. comes from the party of a reputable company, which for novice and experienced entrepreneurs has created the opportunity to use the form of a company that is already registered in the commercial register and meets all the necessary formalities for movement in the business Area. Enroll in a set of satisfied clients who have used the prospective system for their maximum profit. Choose an impressive and prestigious variant that does not cost you unnecessary money, stress and neither time. Start your business immediately. There's nothing in the way. Because of the company's security in terms of all formal features, you don't have to wait weeks for the beginning of your promising business career. Build your career on a solid foundation that offers a maximising and at least risky alternative.
Thanks to our offer, the formalities will not prevent you from flying
Perspective, flexibility, express execution, efficiency, precise security in terms of formal issues. These attributes can be characterised by a comparative novelty, but already a popular alternative to the business, which is ready made s.r.o. when the aspect of the paid-up capital is added to this, a hundred percent prosperity is ensured. You will find everything you want to know about the possibilities and conditions of the ideal solution of the company's founding, thanks to the qualified advice of a specialised company that is ready to provide you with a maximum of comfort service, which will guarantee the increase of your Business profits. Don't let yourself be a stress-destroying. Due to the impressive creation of the company, you can completely forgive the necessity of dealing with the authorities. Of course there is a discreet and individual approach to each individual interest of a particular client, whose success is supported by 100% solid qualified consultations with experts in the field of strategic planning and marketing management. There is nothing else to choose from in the attractive list and to book the right company in which you will be doing your business excellently.

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Other types of promotions

We have already listed that these items can also be promotional or corporate. But beware, we haven't finished yet.
There is also the promotion of films, serials, or celebrities, or festivals
You say, is it possible? We will introduce you to a completely new species. The printing of the bags can also take the form of a well-known film. A lot of them are to see the children, such as the Frozen kingdom, or the various dolls or wites. The serials are of different types, both for the smallest and a little more grown up. They can be with your favorite celebrity, which you prefer. And perhaps in the last row we can count music festivals. And this is what we mean especially the summer, which is mainly the most interested. So do not worry at all, and try to buy this product in any similar way.

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Buy with advantage with advertising

Do you have a car at home that you no longer use, or have you exchanged for something else and you need to get rid of the old? Free classifieds will help you with this! Do not hesitate to hang up the advertisement, even if you think that your old car is no longer salable. Nowadays, people are buying everything.
It doesn't matter how much your car is kilowatt or the year. Depends on what condition it is located. You will not give anything for an attempt, and maybe you'll get rid of your old car and earn something for them. Put your ads on and see how your car will still be fighting.
Completely FREE advertising
With us all the free advertising is completely free, both private and corporate. Visit our site and give us an advertisement. We will help you get rid of your old car. Do not hesitate and give yourself free ads today!

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Mácha Lake

Mácha Lake offers visitors several beaches. It is, for example, the main Beach Pod Borni, which has a large area, which also has its own campsite and campsite. Another option is the beach of Staré Splavy, which also has its own aqvapark for both small and large visitors. Here is our recreational cottage village.
Mácha Lake has many attractions and sports options. There are boat rentals, pedal boats, windsurfing, basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, tennis, mini golf, billiards. For children there are many slides, carousel, climbing frames and trampolines.
On the beaches and camps there is good facilities, there are shops, refreshments, terraces, grills, restaurants, possibility of sitting by the fire. Mácha Lake will surely become your favorite holiday or weekend destination.

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Plastic Windows checked over time

Are you interested in quality windows but do not know how to contact as a company? You should review our website, where we describe all the technical specifications of our products and our work. We do not offer you plastic windows from Poland, which will begin to flow after a few months. Our windows are made using special systems originating in Germany.
We guarantee you for quality work
In addition to quality windows, we also offer installation. Our team is very experienced and already counts more than 150 of the perfectly trained and proven employees. We perform the assembly throughout the Czech Republic and today we have many satisfied customers. They never get into our windows, never freeze their horns or mold. Our windows are perfectly tight.

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Children’s room must be safe

When choosing a new room, your primary concern should be whether it will be really safe for your child. Surely you do not want your offspring to come to any injuries only due to inappropriately chosen furniture. Whether it is a sharp edge or, for example, a very high bed.
In his room, the child has a refuge
You're not stepping beside us. Children's furniture is designed with a view to making it especially safe and functional for the child. The greatest care is taken to ensure that your child is protected from any danger and that you can sleep peacefully. It is not forgotten that children's furniture should also be practical, so that it could accommodate all things-from clothes to toys. Ample storage space is the basis for an orderly, clean and tidy children's room.

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Advertising that is available to all

Online purchases or online sales are not new today, they happen daily. Everything happens mostly through online advertising, where people embed free ads on different pages. However, not all sites have it for free or without registration. Come to us and you will not have to pay!

We are placing advertisements without registration. You just choose the category and you can already shop. Or, on the other hand, you can add free ads. However, if you want to add photos to your ad, you need to go through the registration again for free.


In order to get in touch with us, we put individual ads in groups for free, depending on what they relate to. Therefore, you can easily search for a car directly in the group car or for example furniture under the same name group. The same principle is also for adding advertisements.

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Do not forget to order a winter cover sail for the pool

Having a small private swimming pool behind the house is certainly pleasant. You have already found out that your family house is definitely missing and you have decided to build it. The greatest joy you have made by your decision, of course, is to your children who can't wait to enjoy the water pleasures. But be sure to buy the necessary accessories. You will need to take care of water quality and dirt removal all year round, which can help you with many products. Outside the bathing season, it is advisable to cover everything carefully and protect yourself from the snowflake!
Care all year round
Bathing in water that is well treated is the only way to ensure a safe environment for our children. In particular, their skin is prone to irritation. During the summer months, regularly pay attention to the quality and cleaning of the tank. Once the weather has been prohibited by water pleasures, it is advisable to prepare everything for a demanding off-season period. The winter cover sail on the pool should be among your basic equipment. You can choose it at an attractive price!

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